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Shin Hayer's heartfelt tribute, 'Maa Meri Maa'


Shin Hayer, unveils a touching tribute to his late mother, Surjit Kaur Hayer, through the release of his latest song, “Maa Meri Maa.” This emotionally charged melody not only pays homage to his personal loss but resonates universally with the profound bond of motherhood.

In a poignant statement, Shin Hayer expresses the deep personal significance of “Maa Meri Maa,” describing it as a heartfelt dedication to the memory of his beloved mother, who succumbed to cancer in January 2024. The song stands as a testament to the unwavering strength and love exhibited by mothers worldwide. Crafted with love, this project represents a labour of devotion, and Shin Hayer takes immense pride in the overwhelming response it has garnered.

“Maa Meri Maa” encapsulates the essence of maternal love with its profound lyrics and captivating melodies. Shin Hayer hopes that the song resonates with listeners, serving as a befitting tribute to the impactful role mothers play in our lives. He emphasizes the genuine admiration and gratitude he holds for the profound impact mothers have on shaping our existence.

Shin Hayer, born just outside London in the Kent town of Gravesend, is a prominent figure in the Bhangra music scene. His roots trace back to the North Indian region of Punjab, India. Known as Shin G.C., a nod to his music production studio “Groove Control,” Hayer has been an active music producer since 2000.

During the 1990s and 2000s, Shin Hayer showcased his musical prowess as the Dhol player for renowned Bhangra dance troupes, including Gabhru Panjab De Bhangra Dancers in Birmingham, UK, and Jugnu Bhangra Dancers in Gravesend. Throughout his career, Shin has collaborated with notable Bhangra artists such as Amar Arshi, Kaka Bhaniawala, and Mangi Mahal, solidifying his reputation as a versatile and respected music producer.

In recognition of his contributions to the Bhangra music scene, Shin Hayer was awarded “Best Music Producer” at the UK Bhangra Awards 2020, a virtual event held due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Maa Meri Maa” by Shin Hayer stands as a powerful tribute that transcends cultural boundaries, celebrating the enduring love and influence of mothers. This emotionally charged masterpiece is not just a song but a heartfelt expression that immortalizes the everlasting impact of maternal bonds.

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Shin Hayer, unveils a touching tribute to his late mother, Surjit Kaur Hayer, through the release of his latest song, "Maa Meri Maa."

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