Prataya Saha Filmmaker Tours UK with Oscar-Qualifying Short Film

Experience Prataya Saha's Oscar-qualifying short film tour in the UK, including 'Shonar Khacha - The Golden Cage.' Join us as we explore his remarkable cinematic journey and impactful storytelling.

Award-Winning Filmmaker Prataya Saha’s UK Tour Unveiled


Renowned Indian filmmaker Prataya Saha is all set to captivate UK audiences with a mesmerizing cinematic experience as his Oscar-qualifying short film, “Shonar Khacha – The Golden Cage,” embarks on a multi-city tour. In partnership with the London Bengali Film Festival, ReelN Ltd presents this exclusive showcase featuring Saha’s latest releases, including “Shonar Khacha,” “Mein Mehmood,” and “Just Another Day.” Mark your calendars for October when these cinematic gems will grace iconic venues such as the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham, Kalasangam in Bradford, SOAS in London, and Cultplex in Manchester. What’s more, Kingston University’s career festival will host Prataya Saha as a prominent speaker, offering students a unique opportunity to gain insights from the acclaimed filmmaker himself.


Prataya Saha’s remarkable journey in the realm of short films has solidified his position as a formidable voice in the industry. Under the banner of Red Polka Productions, his films have garnered recognition on a global scale, having been selected for over 95 film festivals worldwide and amassing an impressive tally of 27 awards across 14 different countries.


Prataya, an accomplished filmmaker, Tedx performer, theatre director and photographer based in Bangalore, India, and Dubai, UAE, has garnered international acclaim for his cinematic endeavors. His films, known for their compelling social messages, have been selected in over 95 film festivals across the globe, amassing a remarkable 27 awards in 14 countries, including prestigious recognition from the Oscars, Canadian Screen Awards, and BAFTA Qualifying festivals. Notably, his thought-provoking exploration of pregnancy abuse, “Just Another Day,” premiered in New York in 2021 and earned special curation by Indiana University. Alaska Airlines recently featured his film “I am, Mehmood” as part of their in-flight entertainment, and it clinched the Best Film Award at the esteemed Kolkata International Film Festival in 2022. Prataya’s work continues to reach a wide audience through platforms like Disney+Hotstar, MxPlayer, Hungama Play, Viddsee, and has even gone viral with two commercial music videos on T-Series, amassing over 14 million views. His creative prowess extends to corporate advertisements, and his impressive body of work has been extensively covered in leading national newspapers, including The Week, The Times of India, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, The New Indian Express, The Telegraph, and The Economic Times, solidifying his status as a prolific and influential force in the realm of film and entertainment.


Speaking about the UK premieres of his films, Saha expressed his excitement, saying, “I am incredibly excited to bring ‘Shonar Khacha – The Golden Cage’ to the UK, sharing this poignant tale with an international audience. The journey of creating this film has been a labour of love, and to see it resonate with audiences beyond borders is a truly humbling experience. The theme of heritage conservation in our film finds a unique resonance in the UK, a nation with a rich history and a profound appreciation for preserving its heritage. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to ReelN for providing us with this opportunity to showcase our film. Their dedication and hard work have made this tour possible.”


“Shonar Khacha – The Golden Cage” Begins Oscar-Qualifying Journey

“Shonar Khacha – The Golden Cage,” released in 2023, has embarked on its prestigious Oscar-qualifying journey, securing theatrical runs from September 22nd to 28th in California, USA. It stands among the select few Indian shorts competing for the coveted 2024 Academy Awards. The film weaves a compelling narrative that delves into themes of heritage, family, and the complexities of modernization against the backdrop of 1989 Kolkata. The story revolves around the last three members of an erstwhile affluent family as they grapple with the decision to sell their ancestral palace, with the eldest sibling vehemently opposing the idea.


“Mein Mehmood” – A Tale of Socio-Economical Struggles

Saha’s Kolkata International Film Festival winner, “Mein Mehmood” (2022), also takes center stage during the tour. The film explores the theme of socio-economic challenges, focusing on the titular character, Mehmood, an Asian immigrant in Dubai who battles to meet his monthly sales target due to a language barrier. As he risks losing his job, his wife anxiously awaits the funds for their daughter’s education. “Mein Mehmood” has secured a streaming deal with JioCinema, making it accessible to a wider audience.


“Just Another Day” – A Gritty Exploration of Life

“Just Another Day” (2021) takes a thought-provoking dive into issues such as abuse during pregnancy and society’s perception of separated/divorced women. This narrative follows the life of Anjali Katekar, a newly separated woman in her 40s, as she navigates 24 hours in the bustling city of Mumbai. The short made its world premiere at the New York Asian Film Festival, where it was the sole Indian film in the program. It also enjoyed a year-long streaming run on Disney+Hotstar.


The tour promises to be more than just a showcase of Prataya Saha’s exceptional body of work. It embodies a celebration of South Asian filmmaking that breaks barriers, embraces diverse narratives, and fosters cultural exchange.


London Bengali Film Festival

Established in 2016 as a non-profit organization, the London Bengali Film Festival (LBFF) is a dedicated champion of Bengali cinema and cultural heritage in the UK. As Europe’s largest Bengali Film Festival, LBFF serves as a platform for showcasing impactful new films that cater to audiences in search of alternative artistic cinema, featuring unique and untold stories, or fresh perspectives on familiar narratives. LBFF’s overarching mission is to bring under-represented Bengali films to mainstream and international audiences while simultaneously celebrating the rich artistic historical and contemporary culture of Bengal and Bengali experiences on the grand cinematic stage.


Aman Dhillon, Founding Director – ReelN Ltd

Aman Dhillon, Founding Director of ReelN Ltd, brings a wealth of experience in curating high-quality educational and entertainment events, ranging from grassroots initiatives to prestigious venues like BAFTA, BFI, and the House of Lords, with a focus on South Asian culture. With a history of managing the UK Asian Film Festival and a penchant for successful funding applications and sponsorships, Aman launched ReelN Ltd in 2021. Her event curation extends to the Royston Arts Festival, the Women X Film Festival, South Asian Heritage Month, and more. She’s co-produced the DESIblitz Literature Festival, currently shaping its 2023 program, and is set to launch the innovative Filme Shilmy Show in 2023—a talk show providing a platform for British South Asian film and television talent. Her impactful leadership continues to shape the landscape of entertainment and cultural promotion.


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Tour dates and venues:

Wednesday 4th October 2023 – Cultplex, Manchester


Friday 6th October 2023 – Kalasangam, Bradford


Tuesday 10th October 2023 – Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham


Friday 13th October 2023 – SOAS University, London


Award-Winning Filmmaker Prataya Saha's UK Tour Unveiled