Experience the fusion of cultures as Panjabi MC & The Tru-Skool Band unite for an unforgettable live concert.

Mics In Effect: Panjabi MC & The Tru-Skool Band – Live In Concert | Saturday, 23 September 2023


For one night only, REAL LIVE INC. presents an evening of live music that celebrates the greatest British-Asian music export of all time: Panjabi MC. On Saturday, September 23, 2023, history will be made as Panjabi MC takes the stage to perform his greatest hits live, alongside the critically acclaimed Tru-Skool Live Band. The breath-taking Symphony Hall will serve as the backdrop for this extraordinary event, where audiences will be treated to live renditions of hit records from classic PMC albums, including “100% Proof,” “Grass Roots,” and “Legalised.”


This event is a testament to the enduring legacy of Panjabi MC, whose innovative fusion of Bhangra and hip-hop reshaped the music landscape. For the very first time, fans will have the opportunity to witness him perform his iconic tracks in a live setting, creating a truly unforgettable experience.


Prepare to journey through time as Panjabi MC revisits his chart-toppers from classic albums. The Symphony Hall will resonate with the beats of “Mundian To Bach Ke,” “Jogi,” and “Bari Barsi,” among others. These timeless tracks have not only shaped the career of Panjabi MC but have also left an indelible mark on the global music scene.


Joining Panjabi MC on stage is the Tru-Skool Live Band, known for their harmonious blend of traditional Punjabi sounds with contemporary elements. Their contribution to the concert promises to enhance the overall experience, infusing the music with depth and authenticity.


This concert is not just a musical event; it’s a cultural celebration. It’s a chance for audiences to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of British-Asian music, celebrating the artists who have helped shape this genre. Panjabi MC and The Tru-Skool Band’s collaboration represents a fusion of cultures and a tribute to the diversity that defines British-Asian music.


With the Symphony Hall as the venue, tickets for this historic event are expected to sell out quickly. To secure your seats and be part of this monumental celebration, visit the official website for ticketing information. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Panjabi MC and The Tru-Skool Band make history as they grace the stage for an unforgettable night of music.

In conclusion, the forthcoming live concert featuring Panjabi MC and The Tru-Skool Band is poised to be an iconic and historic event in the world of British-Asian music. It’s a celebration of culture, innovation, and the enduring power of music to bring people together. Mark your calendars and get ready for a night of musical nostalgia that will leave a lasting impression.

Panjabi MC, whose real name is Rajinder Singh Rai, is a British-Indian musician and producer renowned for his pioneering work in the fusion of Bhangra and hip-hop. He gained international fame with his hit single “Mundian To Bach Ke” and has continued to push the boundaries of music with his innovative compositions.


The Tru-Skool Band, led by the talented Tru-Skool (real name Sukhjit Singh Olk), is a prominent Punjabi music group known for blending traditional Punjabi sounds with contemporary production techniques. Their music is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Punjab, India, and has garnered a dedicated following in the music industry.


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Experience the fusion of cultures as Panjabi MC & The Tru-Skool Band unite for an unforgettable live concert.