Munda Southall Da: Armaan Bedil’s Debut

Munda Southall Da staring Armaan Bedil Tanu Grewal

DESI RUSH | Munda Southall Da: Armaan Bedil's Debut Film

Get ready for the highly anticipated Punjabi romantic-comedy “Munda Southall Da,” graces the silver screens on 4th August this year. Director Sukh Sanghera and director of photography Sam Malhi bring to life a captivating storyline, leaving a lasting impression. Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal’s chemistry takes center stage in this enchanting cinematic journey.

Meet Raavi, played by talented Tanu Grewal, whose carefree life takes an unexpected twist, leading to a heart-wrenching separation from Armaan’s character. Audiences are left spellbound, eager to unravel the truth behind their parting ways.

Renowned Punjabi singer Armaan Bedil’s remarkable debut as the lead actor mesmerizes with heartfelt melodies like “Jatt Jaan Varda,” “Love You,” “Laavan,” and “Deewana.” Armaan’s acting prowess adds yet another dimension to his impressive talents.

The trailer showcases scintillating chemistry between Armaan and Tanu, aiming to create an unforgettable impact on the audience.

Guided by visionary director Sukh Sanghera, known for his film “Laiye Je Yaarian” at the PTC Film Awards 2020, “Munda Southall Da” promises a delightful ride, blending romance and comedy seamlessly.

The first look poster features an animated lead cast against the iconic backdrop of Big Ben, hinting at the film’s romantic-comedy genre.

A Stellar Supporting Cast: Adding Depth to the Engaging Storyline

The movie boasts a stellar supporting cast, including Iftikhar Thakur, Sarbjit Cheema, Preet Aujla, Goldboy, Robin, Gurpreet Bhangu, Malkeet Rauni, and Prito, adding depth to the engaging storyline.

Produced by Mandeep Hundal and presented by Film Magic and Pink Pony Films, “Munda Southall Da” guarantees audiences a visual treat filled with laughter, love, and boundless entertainment.

Mark your calendars for the release of “Munda Southall Da” and prepare for a delightful fusion of romance and comedy, led by director Sukh Sanghera and the magnetic chemistry between Armaan Bedil and Tanu Grewal.

A Captivating Story Brought to Life by Director Sukh Sanghera and DoP Sam Malhi

Cast: Armaan Bedil, Tanu Grewal, Iftikhar Thakur, Sarbjit Cheema, Preet Aujla, Goldboy, Robin, Gurpreet Bhangu, Malkeet Rauni & Prito

Writer & Directed: Sukh Sanghera

DOP: Sam Malhi

Producer: Mandeep Hundal

Presented By: Film Magic and Pink Pony Films

Release Date: 4 August by Rythmboyz Entertainment


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