Desi Factory: 15 Jul 2023

Factory International presents ‘Desi Factory’

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable night of British South Asian music

Desi Factory

Celebrate the closing weekend of International for Manchester International Festival 23 with Desi Factory on Saturday 15th July 2023, an exhilarating night of partying and exploration. Curated by Manchester’s own Sam Malik, this event showcases the remarkable talent of British South Asian artists. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience, as Aviva £10 Tickets ensure that everyone can join in the excitement.

Prepare for an electrifying evening of R&B-infused tracks and Bollywood influences with headliner Zack Knight at the helm. Renowned for his infectious songs and impeccable productions, Zack has not only written for top artists like Tinie Tempah but has also shared the stage with the likes of Taio Cruz and Jessie J. As a star in his own right, he has sold out headline tours in the UK and achieved international success with the chart-topping hit “Bom Diggy.”

Joining Zack on stage is the talented melodic singer-songwriter Ezu, whose captivating vocals will mesmerize the audience. BBC Asian Network’s legendary DJ Bobby Friction will be there to keep the energy high, along with trailblazer Bambi Bains, who has made her mark in the UK’s Desi R&B and Bhangra scene. Manchester’s very own Joash, Kami Kane, Luqy, and Freezy will also grace the stage, with the event being expertly hosted by the dynamic TV and radio personality, Nikita Kanda.

Ensure you don’t miss out on this extraordinary lineup as they unite to deliver an unforgettable night celebrating the vibrant sounds of British South Asian music.

Desi Factory, meticulously curated by the visionary Sam Malik, is set to showcase the finest British South Asian music along with the emerging talents of the next generation. Sam, an influential figure in Manchester’s vibrant creative scene, is dedicated to uncovering and promoting the best in music. As a member of the esteemed Factory Sounds 2022 cohort, a program designed to nurture Manchester’s music visionaries, Sam is making significant strides in the industry with their new music agency, SM Music MGMT. Prepare to be captivated by Sam’s discerning taste and their commitment to elevating the sounds that define the British South Asian music scene.

Desi Factory is Curated by Sam Malik. Presented by Factory International for Manchester International Festival.

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