Guru Randhawa Drops New Music Track “You Talking To Me?”

Guru Randhawa Drops New Music Track "You Talking To Me?" As a tribute to Robert De Niro

DESI RUSH | Guru Randhawa Drops New Music Track "You Talking To Me?" As a Tribute to Robert De Niro

Guru Randhawa, the charismatic Punjabi singer and composer, is back with a bang, serenading fans with his latest musical masterpiece titled “You Talking To Me?” Produced by Bhushan Kumar and released under T-Series, the song pays homage to the legendary actor Robert De Niro and his iconic dialogue from the Martin Scorsese cult classic ‘Taxi Driver’.

With his infectious voice, addictive music, and trendsetting style, Guru Randhawa has established himself as a powerhouse in the music industry, constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new genres. “You Talking To Me?” showcases his artistry at its finest, blending Punjabi pop with elements of gritty trap music, creating a unique and irresistible sound.

The song’s inspiration comes from Robert De Niro’s famous line “You talking to me?” delivered in the film ‘Taxi Driver’, which has become a timeless reference in pop culture. Guru Randhawa’s creative genius shines through as he skilfully weaves this iconic phrase into his lyrics, crafting an anthem that is both an ode to a Hollywood legend and a fresh offering for his ever-loyal fan base.

When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Guru Randhawa said, “Robert De Niro has been one of my favourites. When I decided to create ‘You Talking to Me?’, it felt like the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the legend himself while also delivering something fresh and exciting for my fans. The song has an unconventional feel and vibe to it right from the first beat drop. The track exudes a sense of raw energy, making it an ideal anthem whether you’re blasting it on a massive speaker setup or vibing on a drive.”

Adding to the magic of “You Talking To Me?”, music producer Trip Beats masterfully blends Guru Randhawa’s signature style with trap music elements, resulting in a captivating fusion that is sure to make heads bob and feet tap. The track’s non-linear composition and infectious energy push the boundaries of contemporary music, elevating Guru’s artistry to a whole new level.

Accompanying the track is a visually stunning music video directed by the creative genius Leo Brthr. The video features Guru Randhawa in his element, sporting a neon sporty outfit, slick hair, and baller cars, as he exudes his trademark swag. Set against the backdrop of fast cars and racing tracks, the visuals perfectly complement the song’s powerful vibes, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that captivates viewers from start to finish.

Bhushan Kumar, the producer behind the musical marvel, praised Guru Randhawa’s talent, saying, “Guru is one of the finest artists we have in the music industry. He always has something unique to offer to his listeners, and this time too, he has taken his music a notch higher with ‘You Talking To Me?’. I’m sure the music lovers will enjoy this track.”

“You Talking To Me?” is out now on T-Series’ label and various music streaming platforms. Guru Randhawa’s latest offering is a testament to his dedication to his craft and his ability to create music that resonates with audiences across the globe. As fans eagerly listen to the track on repeat, it’s safe to say that Guru Randhawa’s star power is shining brighter than ever before.

About Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa (Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa), born on August 30, 1991, hails from Punjab, India, and has emerged as one of the most celebrated singers and composers in the Indian music scene. His rise to fame began with the success of his independent tracks on YouTube, which quickly gained massive popularity, making him a household name. With a string of chart-topping hits to his credit, Guru Randhawa’s versatility and ability to blend Punjabi beats with contemporary music have won the hearts of millions worldwide. He has been consistently recognized for his contributions to the music industry and continues to be a trailblazer in the world of Punjabi pop.

Singer/Lyricist/Composer: Guru Randhawa

Music Director: Trip Beats

A Film By: Leo Brthr’s

Directed By: Harrieex and Karandope

DOP: Anubhav Bansal

Music Label: T-Series


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