Nikita Kanda Cha-Chas into the Dancefloor Limelight on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing as Ninth Celebrity Contestant!

Nikita Kanda From Airwaves to Dancefloor: Shimmies onto the Stage of Strictly Come Dancing 2023

In a sensational twist that has the entertainment world buzzing, Nikita Kanda, the vibrant radio personality, is set to trade her microphone for dancing shoes as she takes centre stage on the highly anticipated Strictly Come Dancing 2023.


The announcement has sent waves of excitement through fans and followers, as Nikita embarks on a new journey from the airwaves to the captivating dancefloor. With her infectious energy and boundless charisma, she’s poised to become a standout star in this season’s dazzling lineup. Get ready to witness Nikita’s transformation from radio host to dance sensation, bringing her unique sparkle to the world of Strictly Come Dancing!


The anticipation for the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing just reached a fever pitch with the announcement of its ninth celebrity contestant, none other than the radiant Nikita Kanda! The spotlight is set to shine brightly on this versatile entertainer as she brings her charisma and dance moves to the iconic competition.


From Radio Waves to Glittering Dancefloor: Who is Nikita Kanda?

Nikita Kanda, a prominent name in the entertainment scene, is renowned for her role as the vivacious host of the BBC Asian Network’s Breakfast show. This gifted individual, who has also graced our screens as an actress and TV presenter, is no stranger to captivating audiences with her magnetic personality.


Having interviewed a constellation of stars, from Hollywood’s Sandra Oh to the enchanting cast of Bridgerton, Nikita Kanda has proven her ability to seamlessly connect with individuals from diverse walks of life. Her recent nomination for Presenter of the Year at the esteemed Asian Media Awards only solidifies her status as an entertainment powerhouse.


Amidst the buzz and excitement, Nikita shares her elation at being part of Strictly Come Dancing, confessing, “I can’t believe I’m going to be on Strictly. This is a dream come true. I’m still pinching myself.” The prospect of donning glamorous attire and stepping onto the dancefloor has her positively giddy. Nikita eagerly anticipates the moment when she’s adorned with glitter, radiating confidence as she embarks on this exhilarating journey.


The unveiling of Nikita Kanda’s participation on Strictly Come Dancing took place during the BBC Asian Network Breakfast show, adding an extra layer of excitement to her loyal fan base. The dancefloor’s allure promises to reveal yet another facet of her multifaceted talent, and fans are poised to cheer her on as she graces the stage with her energy and flair.


Strictly Come Dancing

BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, affectionately known as “Strictly,” has been a magnet for viewer devotion since its inception in 2004. Conceived by the creative minds of Fenia Vardanis and Richard Hopkins, the show has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that seamlessly marries dance artistry with celebrity glamour.


At its core, Strictly thrives on the magical alchemy of pairing celebrities with professional dancers, embarking on an electrifying journey through various dance genres. From captivating ballroom elegance to sizzling Latin rhythms, the show’s enchanting episodes culminate in thrilling dance-offs and nail-biting eliminations.


As the countdown to the new season intensifies, the dazzling world of Strictly Come Dancing welcomes Nikita Kanda with open arms. Her journey from the airwaves of BBC Asian Network to the glittering dancefloor of Strictly promises to be a spectacle worth witnessing. With her infectious enthusiasm and charisma, Nikita is poised to dance her way into the hearts of millions, leaving an indelible mark on the show’s legacy.


Strictly Come Dancing will return to both BBC One and BBC iPlayer this autumn. Date of airing to be confirmed.