'Builder Brand' debut single by Tara Sober: Celebrating UK builders

New Single Builder Brand by Tara Sober: Celebrating UK builders

Tara Sober’s ‘Builder Brand’ Set to Inspire and Unite, Releasing 24th August 2023!


In a brand-new move that is set to echo across the UK and beyond, the eagerly awaited debut single “Builder Brand” by the immensely talented Tara Sober is poised to make its grand entrance on August 24th, 2023. This powerhouse anthem, brought to you by Builder Brand Records, is not merely a musical masterpiece but a rallying cry, a celebration, and a challenge to misconceptions that often surround builders’ work.


Tara Sober, a fresh and vibrant voice making waves in the music industry, pours his heart and soul into the masterpiece that is “Builder Brand.” Drawing from his personal experiences in the construction industry, Sober’s dedication to his craft is tangible as he endeavours to highlight the tireless efforts of builders through his captivating lyrics.


Behind the captivating beats and harmonies that breathe life into “Builder Brand” stands none other than music producer N-Zuri, a maestro in the art of music production. With finesse and precision, N-Zuri masterfully amplifies the emotions embedded within the track, ensuring that listeners are transported into the very heart of the song.


Taking the anthem’s grandeur to greater heights is the addition of talented rapper Ron from the USA. His unique and exceptional skills contribute a new layer of depth to the track, infusing it with a sense of unity that transcends borders. Together, these artists forge a profound connection that echoes the dedication of builders on a global scale.


Sector One Media, a creative powerhouse, breathes life into the anthem’s visuals. With their artistic prowess, they’ve created a video that encapsulates the essence of “Builder Brand,” enabling viewers to fully grasp the dedication and sweat that go into builders’ work. The result is an evocative visual narrative that resonates deeply with the song’s core message.


The inception of “Builder Brand” dates back several years when both the song and video were meticulously crafted. Life, however, had its own timeline, sprinkling the journey with challenges and delays. Undeterred, Tara Sober emerged with renewed determination, proclaiming that the time is now ripe for the world to experience this awe-inspiring anthem.


Tara Sober expressed his excitement for the song, stating, “My time in the construction industry has illuminated the unwavering commitment and strength of builders. ‘Builder Brand’ is a tribute to their indomitable spirit and a call to shatter stereotypes that often obscure their remarkable contributions.”


Together with Tara Sober and Builder Brand Records, let’s revel in the unyielding efforts of UK builders, breaking free from stereotypes through this poignant musical tribute that promises to be a source of inspiration.


Singer: Tara Sober


Music: N-Zuri


Label: Builder Brand Records




Check out the music video for Builder Brand: