Unveiling the Extraordinary Journey of Brown Munde Singer: AP Dhillon in ‘First of a Kind’ Docuseries on Prime Video

Unveiling the Extraordinary Journey of Brown Munde Singer: AP Dhillon in ‘First of a Kind’ Docuseries on Prime Video

AP Dhillon’s ‘First of a Kind’ Docuseries on Prime Video: Unravelling the Phenomenon Behind Brown Munde Singer | Prime Video Docuseries.


You know his music but not the man. Witness AP Dhillon’s career-defining move from India to Canada, overcoming cultural barriers and language challenges. Discover the mystery behind his life and struggles in the ground-breaking docuseries, “AP Dhillon: First of A Kind,” exclusively on Prime Video. Premiering on August 18, delve into the enigma of a self-made superstar whose determination and passion led him to become the icon we admire today. Don’t miss this captivating journey of success and inspiration!


The music industry has witnessed numerous stars rise to fame, but few have a story as compelling and inspiring as AP Dhillon’s. Known for his chart-topping tracks like “Brown Munde,” “Insane,” and “Excuses,” AP Dhillon has garnered an immense following with his unique style and unparalleled talent. However, beyond the stage lights and chart success lies a tale of determination, cultural diversity, and the pursuit of dreams.


Enter “AP Dhillon: First of A Kind,” the eagerly awaited unscripted Amazon Original docuseries that promises to lift the veil on the enigmatic life of this self-made Indo-Canadian superstar. Produced in association with Passion Pictures, Wild Sheep Content, and Run-Up Records, this four-part series will take audiences on an extraordinary journey from AP Dhillon’s humble beginnings in Gurdaspur, Punjab, to his iconic status on the global Punjabi hip-hop scene.


Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Jay Ahmed, “AP Dhillon: First of A Kind” offers an intimate and authentic portrayal of the artist’s life, capturing personal accounts from AP Dhillon himself, as well as interviews with his close-knit circle of family and friends. Viewers will be immersed in his world, witnessing his rise to fame and exploring the challenges he faced while navigating through cultural differences and language barriers during his transition to Canada.


Aparna Purohit, Head of India Originals at Prime Video, expressed her excitement for the series, stating that it delves into the vibrant world of Punjabi hip-hop. This series not only celebrates AP Dhillon’s musical genius but also showcases his journey as an emblem of determination and creative vision.


Amy Foster from Passion Pictures added, “AP Dhillon: First of a Kind” is a ground-breaking docuseries that will shed light on the origins of one of the most prominent faces in the current musical zeitgeist. It unveils the never-before-seen facets of AP Dhillon, captivating fans and viewers worldwide, just as his music does.


Erik Barmack, executive producer at Wild Sheep Content, shared his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing that the series aims to inspire young individuals with the triumph and success story of AP Dhillon’s rise to superstardom.

With a premiere date set for 18 August, the docuseries will not only captivate audiences in India but will also be available for streaming across 240+ countries and territories worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. It promises to be a must-watch for music enthusiasts and fans of AP Dhillon alike, as it unveils the soul-stirring story of a true icon, a legend in the making, and a symbol of pride for the global Punjabi hip-hop community.


AP Dhillon, known by his full name Amritpal Singh Dhillon, is a self-made Indo-Canadian musician who has taken the global Punjabi hip-hop scene by storm. With chart-topping tracks like “Brown Munde,” “Insane,” and “Excuses,” he has become an iconic figure in the music industry. Born in Gurdaspur, Punjab, AP Dhillon faced various challenges during his journey to success, including cultural differences and language barriers. However, with sheer determination and a creative vision, he rose above all obstacles to achieve superstardom. The upcoming docuseries, “AP Dhillon: First of A Kind,” promises to offer an authentic and inspiring insight into his life, portraying the man behind the music and the legend behind the stage.


Premiere Date: 18 August 2023 on Prime Video