Experience the electrifying live UK concert tour of Adnan Sami

Experience the electrifying live concert tour of Adnan Sami, a multi-platinum selling artist, renowned singer, and accomplished composer. Join us as we bring the sensational Adnan Sami to the UK in 2023!

Adnan Sami live in Concert 2023!


Utsav Plus presents Adnam Sami UK Tour 2023. A multi-platinum selling artist, renowned singer, and accomplished composer. Join us as we bring the sensational Adnan Sami to the UK in 2023!


Adnan Sami’s upcoming UK tour holds a special significance as it brings him back to his birthplace, UK. This homecoming evokes a sense of nostalgia for the renowned artist, who cherishes his childhood memories and the experiences of growing up in the London. Expressing his deep affection for the country and its people, Adnan Sami shares his excitement about the tour, stating, “The UK is always close to my heart as it feels like returning home. The love I receive from the UK audiences is incredibly special, given my personal connection and cherished memories. This time, we have an entirely new show featuring a talented orchestra of exceptional musicians! I cannot wait to share the enchanting ‘Magic’ with you all!”


Adnan Sami is a singer, musician, composer, and pianist, comes from a musical family as his father, Arshad Sami Khan, was a Pakistani Pashtun diplomat and a trained classical musician.


Adnan Sami began his musical training at a young age, learning to play the piano. He was influenced by a variety of music genres, including classical, jazz, and pop. Adnan’s talent as a pianist quickly became evident, and he gained recognition for his skillful performances.


In the early 1990s, Adnan Sami released his debut album titled “Raag Time.” The album received positive reviews and marked the beginning of his successful music career. He went on to release numerous albums in both Pakistan and India, gaining popularity for his soulful voice and unique blend of classical and contemporary music.


In the late 1990s, Adnan Sami faced personal and health challenges, which led to a significant weight gain. However, he underwent a dramatic transformation and managed to lose a substantial amount of weight, becoming an inspiration to many who struggle with weight-related issues.


Adnan Sami’s breakthrough in the Indian film industry came with the song “Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein” from the movie “Meera” in 1993. He continued to contribute to Bollywood films as a playback singer and composer, delivering hit songs like “Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao” and “Tera Chehra.” His soulful melodies and powerful vocals made him a sought-after artist in the Indian music industry.


In addition to his singing career, Adnan Sami has composed music for various films and television shows. He has also performed in concerts around the world, captivating audiences with his energetic performances and musical prowess.


He has received several awards for his contributions to music, including the prestigious Nigar Award and the Filmfare Award. Adnan Sami’s music transcends borders and has a wide international appeal. He has released albums in various languages, including Urdu, Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Bengali. His versatility as a musician and his ability to blend different musical styles have earned him a global fan base.


Grace Entertainment Ltd are the UK tour promoters for Adnam Sami UK Tour 2023 .


Dates & Venues:

Friday, 11 August 2023 – First Direct Arena, Leeds

Saturday, 12 August 2023 – OVO Arena, Wembley

Sunday, 13 August 2023 – Utilita Arena Birmingham


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